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EPA granted the right to regulate CO2

Sponsored: hot sex cam chat In 2009 an EPA study revealed that CO2 emissions endanger the public health and should be regulated because of that. A number of states filed suit to stop the EPA from doing so and just recently those states lost their case in the DC Court of Appeals. The ruling is [...]

New York enacts CO2 regulations

Sponsored: live xxx webcam chat New York is eager to lessen the state’s environmental impact, which is why it just recently enacted new, stricter carbon dioxide emission laws. The level of CO2 currently allowed means that it will be impossible to build a new coal power plant in the state unless some serious changes are [...]

Humans use CO2 in many ways

Sponsored: hot xxx live chat People make use of CO2 in so many different ways. As you probably already know, the fizzy quality of beer, soda, and other carbonated drinks comes directly from the CO2 used to make them. It’s a delicious way to enjoy a drink. Cake batter rises thanks to carbon dioxide that [...]

Deforestation leads to environmental problems

Sponsored: sexy girls live chat CO2 is consumed by plants and trees during photosynthesis. In that way it’s utterly essential to human life since the process produces oxygen, which human beings need to live. It’s a beautiful evolution of life on this planet, which is why deforestation is a troubling trend. Trees are cut down [...]

How can we determine the source of increased CO2 in the air?

Sponsored: live sex cam chat Many of the folks that fight for environmental causes speak with such authority on the matter that you’d think they were experts and that they had complete and utter proof that their theories were right on the money. The truth is that all we have to go on at this [...]

United States has greatly reduced CO2 emissions

Sponsored: live xxx sex chat Over the past six years the United States has seen the largest reduction in CO2 emissions compared to every other country on the planet. For all the environmental arguing, finger pointing, and anger that floats around this country you’d think those numbers would be worse. It’s something to be proud [...]

Is global warming caused by CO2?

Sponsored: xxx webcam live sex There has been vigorous debate, disagreement, and discussion over global warming. Some say it’s not happening at all (they tend to be idiots) and then there are those that agree the Earth is warming but disagree over the cause and whether or not it’s something to worry about (most of [...]

Why is CO2 bad for the environment?

Sponsored: hot live sex cams The greenhouse effect is often cited in a negative way as if it’s the worst thing in the world and we’re all going to die. This is not true. The greenhouse effect actually keeps us all alive. The Earth would be a big ball of ice if it were not [...]

Why was CO2 taken off the pollutant list by the US government?

Sponsored: live sex chat cams In 1998 CO2 was added to the list of pollutants by the US government in hopes of allowing tighter regulations of emissions by corporations, largely. In 2003 that decision was reversed by the next administration with the idea being that it can’t be a pollutant if it’s a natural part [...]

What is CO2?

Sponsored: live sex cam chat Carbon Dioxide, or CO2, was first identified in the 1750s by a man named Joseph Black. He was a chemist and M.D. and we can credit him with its discovery. CO2 is an odorless and colorless gas when at room temperature and it is almost literally all around you. CO2 [...]