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What is CO2?

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Carbon Dioxide, or CO2, was first identified in the 1750s by a man named Joseph Black. He was a chemist and M.D. and we can credit him with its discovery. CO2 is an odorless and colorless gas when at room temperature and it is almost literally all around you. CO2 can be a solid form but that only occurs when the temperature is lower than -78 Celsius, which takes a controlled environment to achieve. Carbon Dioxide comes in a liquid form too but only when dissolved in water and that only lasts for as long as a certain amount of pressure is maintained. That’s why when you open that can of soda the carbon dioxide bubbles begin to work their way to the top as the guy tries to escape. The fizzy properties delight many beer and soda drinkers. Carbon dioxide in and of itself is not harmful but an excess of it is bad for the environment.